Ad Bell are specialist vehicle wrappers, offering a high quality service using 3M Approved materials and personnel. From a bonnet to a half wrap, all the way up to a full graphic wrap or vehicle colour change, we can do it all.


Quality Wrapping Materials

A vehicle wrap is only as good as the machinery and materials used. A cheap printer and low quality vinyls will produce a wrap that looks poor and does not last. A laminate that is not designed to work with the vinyl used will also produce problems. The best materials and equipment cost more, but are necessary to produce a finished wrapped vehicle that will look great and last.

Wrap Printing Equipment

If your wrap is printed (i.e. not just a plain colour change) then the vinyl needs to be printed before being applied. There are many different models and kinds of vinyl printing machine on the market and it will come as no surprise to you that Ad Bell only use the best. Our HP Latex 360 machines produce sharp, vibrant print that looks good and lasts longer than the equivalent print from the more common solvent style machines.


Quality Print Wrapping Vinyl

All wrapping vinyls are not created equal. Once printed and laminated, your wrapping vinyl needs to be of the highest quality and with excellent specifications. Wrapping vinyl is heated on to the contoured surface of a vehicle, sometimes having to work around extreme shapes, ridges and edges. A top quality vinyl goes on without bubbles, does not fade when stretched, and stays put for years. Cheaper vinyls will exhibit colour distortion in areas where it has been stretched around contours, and may start to physically fail after a much shorter space of time.

Where the vinyl needs to be printed on, Ad Bell use 3M LX480. This is a top of the range printable wrapping vinyl with the following features:

  • PVC-free material
  • Stretches up to 150% original size
  • Controltac™ adhesive keeps it repositionable until final pressure is applied
  • Comply™ air channels in the adhesive mean bubbles are a thing of the past
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Stretchable at low temperatures

Used with the matching 3M protective laminate, this product provides the best performing vehicle wrapping solution on the market. A printed wrapping vinyl that prints beautifully, goes on smoothly, looks superb and lasts. If you’re investing in a vehicle wrap, why would you choose a supplier that uses anything else?

Quality Coloured Wrapping Vinyl

Some vehicle wrapping jobs don’t require a printable vinyl – just a full or part change of colour. Instead of printing the colour required onto the printable vinyl mentioned above, self-coloured vinyls are used, and these come from the manufacturer looking just how you need them. These include:

  • Full range of colours
  • Super bright to muted tones
  • Gloss or matt finishes
  • Mirror chromes
  • Metallics
  • Carbon fibre and other textures

Depending on the colour or finish required, we use either 3M Series 1080 Wrap Film or Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film. Both are superb quality, offering a performance that is second to none. If you’re looking to completely change the look of your vehicle in a way that’s reversible and more cost effective that a respray, these are the top products to use.

3M Approved Vehicle Wrappers

Once the vinyl is ready to apply, it’s in the hands of our fully qualified vehicle wrapping staff. Car or van, bus or train – they have 3M training that ensures a top quality job, and gives the finished wrapping job a warranty that you just don’t get with unqualified fitters.

We’re on 3M’s own website as an approved fitter, and you can click here to see us listed on the 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper directory.

It’s also important to mention that Ad Bell have the site facilities to get your vehicle inside and up to the correct temperature – so important for wrapping jobs. Anyone wrapping outside, or in unheated premises will have a high rate of failure of their work.

All of the above factors go to show you why you should choose Ad bell for your car, van or other vehicle wrapping job. Top quality materials, facilities and staff from start to finish.