160th Great Yorkshire Show – Hall 1 Window & Foyer Graphics

It’s Great Yorkshire Show season here at AD Bell, and every year we produce lots of signage and graphic work for the hosts AND exhibitors at the Great Yorkshire Showground. Among others this year we’ve done some fab looking graphics for Mason’s Gin. Here you can see the prominent window graphics over the Hall 1 entrance, and also two of the large illuminated sliders inside the foyer.

As ever, strong branding and design go together with top quality print and installation to produce a striking and attractive outcome.

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GYS Great Yorkshire Show 160th Signage & Display graphics AD Bell Harrogate (1)GYS Great Yorkshire Show 160th Signage & Display graphics AD Bell Harrogate (2)GYS Great Yorkshire Show 160th Signage & Display graphics AD Bell Harrogate (3)GYS Great Yorkshire Show 160th Signage & Display graphics AD Bell Harrogate (4)

Young’s Seafood – Inspiration Centre Corridor Graphics

In early 2016, Ad Bell were contracted via Absolute Commercial Interiors to produce and fit graphics and signage for Young’s Seafood international headquarters in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. The first, and most unusual part of this job was the 12 metre corridor that needed full wall graphics of a sea scene. It looked especially good as the ceiling was curved into the wall to produce a more seamless top-to-bottom image, with the lighting being recessed into the ceiling plaster.

Here the first drop of printed material is applied to the wall. This is trimmed at the top and bottom to be flush with the lighting and the skirting board.
The same photo but from a little further away. This shows the scale of the project at hand, and the tools required to do the job properly!
The graphics were cut to go into and around the door frames in a seamless manner as you can see here. The doors were done separately as you will see in a moment.
Closeup of the graphic going around the door frame. We use exceptionally hi-tack vinyl with a tough matt laminate, ideally suited to this type of application.
Almost up to the third door in this shot. As you can see, it’s almost impossible to see the joins in the graphics, such is the skill of Ad Bell’s graphic fitting team!
The first door with graphics to face AND frame. As you can see, this looks exceptionally good, especially on a project of this size and scope.
More doors done, and Sam doing his best “Reservoir Dogs” walk…
Now the graphic scene is continued past the lighting strip, right up to the top of the wall opposite. Tricky overhead work. Great photo by Jasper as well 🙂
These doors had small windows which made fitting the graphics that bit harder. Here’s one totally done – frame, face and all recesses. Perfect.
The finished corridor. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?
… and the same photo with all the tools Photoshopped out 🙂

External Signage for Bodyteam Harrogate

Now and again a signage job comes along that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, and the recent work we’ve done for Gymophobics / Bodyteam in Harrogate is certainly no exception.

Previously an unused small building at the back of the Gymophobics premises, it was renovated inside and set up ready to be used by Bodyteam, a complimentary health and beauty company. Inside was all set up with fixtures and fittings and had in fact already started taking on clients, but the exterior was still needing work.

Google Streetview
The Bodyteam unit before any exterior signage was applied – it’s behind the black garage doors!

The unit is essentially a large double garage with wooden garage doors that had already been blocked up from the inside. The door was functional, but was due to be replaced with a new, more attractive unit.

The site before Ad Bell’s work began

So what to do with the wooden garage doors? To keep costs down, bricking them up was discarded as an option, and instead a clever disguise was required. The lower part of the doors was to have a printed panel added, to give the impression of brickwork, and this part was fitted first…

The brick pattern board in place, and the wooden frame for the next part ready… Just checking for level!

So, as you can see, only the lower part of the doors was given the brick effect. The top part was to feature something completely different entirely… A wooden frame was added to the black doors to give us something to build onto.

The printed aluminium composite graphic panel being fixed to the wooden frame.

So the big reveal! What could we possibly print and apply to the frontage of the building? Well, a photo of the inside of course! Ad Bell visited the site and took a series of interior shots design to replicate the view that you would see through a window. After much deliberation, a winner was picked as you can see.

The finished job, with white “window” trim, sign panel and door graphics all installed.

Once installed, a UPVC style trim was added to the panel to further reinforce the impression of a window unit. A slim fascia panel above the window, and complimentary frosted door graphics finish the job off nicely.

Fascia & Window Graphics for Westrow Skipton

Ad Bell were recently tasked with supplying and fitting signage and window graphics at the brand new Westrow salon in Skipton. The premises had been fully refurbished inside and out, along with a newly built-out fascia panel, and just needed the new signage and graphics to be 100% complete.


The main part of the signage was three large aluminium sign trays, two of which were to feature high quality stainless steel built up lettering. The trays were first covered in a colour matched matt vinyl before having the individual letters bolted into position and a framework added to the back of each tray, ready to be fitted into position.


The top sections of all of the windows were also flooded with colour matched matt vinyl, with several of them having white lettering as part of the print. The glass in the entrance vestibule featured frost effect vinyl, with the “W” logo added over the top, and a printed “frame” style design.


As with all jobs of this nature, accurate site surveying is essential to make sure that everything fits accurately. The sign trays had to fit within the wooden architrave that was used to frame the fascia panels, and of course, the window graphics have to fit perfectly too. As you can see from the pictures, everything fit just perfectly, and we couldn’t be more happy with the way that it turned out.