Van Graphics for CorCoach

When CorCoach approached AdBell for livery to a new vehicle, we had one important question: Do we use the existing logo, or can we try something fresh? Not every client welcomes change, but Andy at CorCoach was more than happy for us to come up with something new. Our design team set to work and came up with a new logo that was modern, fresh and funky, and the perfect place to start for the vinyl graphics on the company vehicle.

We didn’t want to cover the vehicle with anything approaching a vehicle wrap – instead choosing to keep it minimal. The heavily tinted glass panels in the sides and rear of the Citroen looked the perfect place to put the graphics. We knew from experience that the black glass would really make the colours pop – and you can see from the photos that we were right!

The colour scheme is essentially a bright green, white and a dark grey, and depending on the colour of the background the colours can be changed around to suit. On the black glass, the green and white was used for maximum effect. On the doors, the white was changed to the dark grey for a subtler effect. It’s a simple system, and it works well.

Finally, there was the decision to make the text “Harrogate Electric Bikes” every bit as prominent as the logo. Not everyone in Harrogate will have heard of CorCoach, but one look at the company vehicle will leave them in no doubt as to what CorCoach actually do.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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