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In recent years we have seen a lot of businesses take their business collateral online for a number of reasons such as easily accessible for customers, reducing printing and helping the environment to reduce waste. Whilst we should consider these changes signage for high street shops, businesses and showrooms is booming. Effective branding to obtain repeat customers not just single purchase customers is what all businesses crave and it beings with the way your business draws in customers via effective visual signage.

Make your signage work for you

On the high street your shop sign is the best way to tell people about your business. Informing them of who you are, what you do and why they need you is what makes effective signage. Plus, signage is a one-off cost which is constantly working 24/7!

Effective signage acts as a gateway to your business. It isn’t reliant upon potential customers trawling the internet to find you and, in the process, footing the bill for significant SEO spend instead it says ‘We are here for you, come on inside and speak to us’.


Consistent, clear & concise is the key

First impressions count and signage is usually your first one. Your signage has to express a lot of information at a glance so treat it as your elevator pitch. If successful the customer continues to look for visual clues as to whether they like you, trust you and what you can do for them. If you don’t convey this message, you may lose their business to your rival.

Effective signage is your brand identity, your trustworthiness and your calling card all rolled into a visual voice, and its key to ensure you are consistent, clear and concise throughout. When it is done right it draws in the right customers for your business and keeps them interested.


Under the spotlight

Despite the rise in businesses taking their products online it’s important to have visual representation in your target areas to provide visibility and clear calls to action to the passer by telling them what it is you do and where they can get more information from.

Also seeing a number of boards for the same business embeds your brand in customers subconsciousness so when they do require your services, they already know of a business to go to. Think about how creative you can be with your signage and explore material options as well as producing an eye-catching design. The more creative you are increase your chances of generating those leads.


What’s trending

Wayfinding signage has never been more important! During the covid-19 outbreak it was important to ensure we get customers back instore safely and way finding signage is key for customers who are seeking safe and hassle-free shopping. Easy to read and well-placed signage keeps customers informed and makes finding your products a pleasant experience for them.

Digital signage combined with traditional solutions is a great way to transform a dull space for maximum impact; digital allows you to change the message instantly and refocus your customers attention while traditional signage and graphics can be used to draw attention to the space as appose to featuring a screen on a plain white wall.

With the majority of businesses keeping a close eye on their bottom line during these unstable times Architectural vinyl’s offering a range of finishes using bold and bright colours combined with raw material textures to breathe new life into spaces. For more info on this read our article ‘Why replace when you can revitalise’


Less is more!

Think carefully about your signage design; don’t over crowd your signage with too many messages keep it simple and easy to read but be creative with your design to attract customers. It’s proven that effective signage often leads to increased customer spend or referrals.


Take away message

Displaying consistent, clear and professional signage will aid in attracting, maintaining and growing a loyal customer base and communicating to them consistently on and offline can be transformative for edging away from the competition. So, ensure you utilise your signage effectively for maximum impact and to benefit from your ROI.


If you would like help designing your signage, then we can help! Pick up the phone and call us on 01423 885045 we can help you design your sign, advise of materials best suited for the project and install your signage – giving you piece of mind your whole signage project is in safe hands.