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Wrapping your fleet with vehicle graphics is one of the biggest return of investments for your marketing strategy and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why should you brand your company vehicles? Well, it’s simple, you want to generate more leads for your business and what better way to do that than creating a clear, eye-catching design to draw in more potential leads.

The use of vehicle graphics has become increasing popular in recent years. Because of this we see more vehicles branded on the roads which requires you/ us to be more creative with designing the graphics for your vehicle to ensure they stand out from the crowd.

See your vehicle wrapping as an investment and make the smart choice! Take time to consider these important tips when wrapping your vehicles.


Invest in quality materials

So, you will have heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ this couldn’t be truer with vehicle wrapping. We will always recommend and quote you on a quality, UV protection, guaranteed vinyl such as 3M or Avery unless you state otherwise. You may be surprised to learn there are many different types of vinyl on the market and they may look the same at first but in time the colours fade (with cheap vinyl’s this can be in as little as a few months), the vinyl fails and begins to crack or peel. You can imagine if this happens, and your vehicles look tired and out of date this will reflect badly on your brand, why work hard on designing your vehicle graphics for it all to be over as quickly as it started. A good quality vinyl can last anywhere between 5 and 10 years dependent on aftercare vs a couple of months on cheaper vinyl.


Don’t rush the design

You want to create a design that will turn heads so ensure you spend time defining your content and remember to keep it short and to the point and be creative with your design! We have an experienced team of designers who would be happy to help you get the most out of your design.


Bold is best

Embrace the use of vibrant colours and bold graphics to get noticed! Ensure you have the right balance of utilising the space available without overcrowding because remember readers with have seconds to take in your message and if it isn’t clear that’s potentially lost leads.


Hire the right install team

A lot of people may think ‘how hard can it be to put stickers on my vehicle…’ that is your first mistake! First of all your vehicle needs to be cleaned and prepped before the graphics can be applied – I can guarantee you when you clean your vehicle it won’t be clean enough for graphics to be applied, that is the first rule a vehicle graphics installer learns. The surface needs to be clean and dry before any graphics are applied to help avoid bubbles and fibre trapped behind the vinyl which could cause the vinyl to fail and make a mess of your vehicles and problem areas like door handles and seams should look just as smooth as the rest of your vehicle.

You also need to make sure your fleet graphics are installed consistently and error free across the board so check with the install team if they are up to scratch – Our installation team are 3M authorised vehicle wrappers.


Short & sweet

The aim with vehicle graphics is for potential customers to quickly glance at your vehicle and identify who you are and what you are selling then how to contact you. Don’t feature too much text, keep it simple with your company logo, slogan and contact (ideally website or social handle) Ensure your slogan/ brand sends the right message that you want customers to take away.


Graphics you can trust for vehicle wrapping

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we get the job done right the first time. No expense is spared when it comes to your graphics and ensuring a quality installation. Nothing less than perfect will do because we take pride in every job, no matter how big or small – we know our work reflects your business.

We hope you find these tips helpful and if you would like to discuss further how we can help brand/ rebrand your vehicles then give us a call today to maximise your brand potential on the road.