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Continuing from our previous article on racing vehicle graphics last month we take a look at some of your suggestions…

1. Subaru Impreza

By far the most remembered WRC vehicle graphics of the 90’s… and in the early 2000’s I recall seeing many replica vehicles at race meetings with crowds of people swarming to look at this beauty and see what was under the hood.

2. Mercedes AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+

Now this is a sight for sore eyes… arguably one of the best F1 vehicle graphics in recent years… I just love the combination of the metallic silver and black sweeping across the vehicle highlighted by the Petronas Green line defining the shape of the vehicle and a brilliant touch utilising the Mercedes logo by creating a pattern to feature over the engine of the vehicle.


According to STP Racing it was a move that would forever change NASCAR – STP Day-Glo Red and Petty Blue got hitched when STP signed a deal to sponsor Richard Petty back in 1972. Although the vehicle graphics have changed slightly over the years the colour pallet has very much remained and clearly sets itself apart from the rest of the NASCAR vehicles. The vibrant colours really pop on the track.

4. Repsol Honda

The MotorGP team Repsol Honda has done very little in the way of change the graphics on the race bike since the partnership began in 1995 and the leading Spanish lubricants brand has been title sponsor of the team ever since. The use of the vibrant logo lends itself well to the curves of the bike but because the graphics haven’t changed much over the years fans have come to expect the same design as the previous years thus removing any element of surprise on media day pre-season. Graphics aside you can’t take anything away from this team’s performance and is defiantly one of the most iconic bike graphics on the track!

5. Citroën Racing

The car with wings… The Red Bull brand assets lends itself well to the rally car and is instantly recognisable due to the fact of their sport wide sponsorship activation. The raging bulls’ image is known worldwide and not least thanks to Red Bulls sponsorship deals with the company investing one third of its annual revenue back into its marketing campaigns.

And that’s a wrap guys… Sorry I couldn’t resist 😊 


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