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With over 20 years of experience in designing, printing, and installing hoardings we are the UK’s preferred choice for bespoke hoardings.

Uses of hoardings

Whether you need hoarding for retail, events, construction sites, promotional campaigns or other we have a solution to suit your project and budget with a wide range of materials. We carry out site survey to advise suitable materials/ finishes and measure up taking on your brief requirements and advising how you can make best use of your space to gain maximum exposure based on location and audience.

Materials, Cost & Security

With a variety of options available from applying vinyl direct to the wood structure, applying anti-vandalism protective films, gloss and matt lamination and thanks to our recent purchase of a new flatbed printer we can now offer cost savings for our customers by printing direct to aluminium composite boards saving customers ££££’s.  The installation of hoarding panels is a simple and cost-effective way of increasing safety, security, and privacy.

Print Precision

Promoting your brand requires your message to sing in HD which is why we use the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure the print and application is second to none this coupled with our experienced team ensures you can rely on us to get the project done while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Effective ways to promote using hoardings

Hoardings are an effective way of promoting your brand and/ or project! The hoarding creates a sense of mystery and people are nosey by nature so generally want to know what is going on… there are many things you can do with a blank canvas as large as hoarding; be clever with your marketing, here are some examples…

  1. Tease viewers with a taster of what project you are carrying out and then direct viewers to your website for more information.
  2. Make it interactive with bespoke games such as ‘while you wait for us to open back up scan the QR code to play our game online and win special prizes and discounts to spend online or instore’
  3. Put it all on display and show viewers what they can look forward to seeing when you open your doors!
  4. Give an insight into the history of your company and where your business is heading in the future.

There are so many great ways to make use of the large area make sure you maximise the potential.

Check out this 110m wide hoarding project we completed for Leeds Beckett University one continuous image covering the new university site back in 2018. The hoarding was complete with lighting and most definitely stopped you in your tracks to take in this attractive design.

With endless opportunities to advertise your brand / project you need a business you can trust to design, print, and install your large format advertising campaign. Give us a call today on 01423 885045 or email us at