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Businesses seeking to inspire employees and visitors alike while enhancing the appeal of their workspace should consider wall and window graphics for their mission, vision and values!

Each statement has a clear purpose; a mission statement is a summary of the who, what and why of your business. Your vision statement is a road map for employees to understand the purpose by setting a defined direction for growth. Corporate values are your guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help employee’s work together as a team to reach common business goals. 

Most businesses go to great lengths to create their mission, vision and value statements, but all too often these important communications are lost in employee manuals!

When hidden in a booklet, your team rarely gain any inspiration or guidance from them. What’s more, your clients and prospects who visit your office aren’t likely to learn what your company seeks to achieve or the principles by which you follow. When showcased prominently, these messages become a brilliant branding opportunity! 

Graphics that display your mission, vision and values on the walls and windows of your office is a motivational piece of artwork which can boost the morale of teams and employees without having to break the bank!

You could start with simple vinyl cut text applied to feature wall in your office or add in visual elements such as logos, illustrations, images or even think about taking it to the next level with a mural wall, or window, when even stop there take your design to the floor and ceiling too… take the viewer on a journey with you and think of your office as your canvas.

Where is the right place to feature your messages?

Whilst it is different for each business ultimately you want to carefully select the right messages and place them in the areas that will have maximum impact.

Your mission statement might feature in your reception, showroom, meeting and conference rooms whilst your vision and corporate values would typically be displayed for employees to soak up and motivate them so places like the work area/ office, hallways, canteen or breakrooms.

If you are unsure where to start, then pick up the phone and call us on 01423 885045 we can help you from design through to installation and will help provide you with a solution to suit your needs and budget.