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As we can start to return to some sort of normality in the next couple of months have you given much thought to how inviting your office/ meeting space is for employees and customers?

1. Inspirational Messages

Inspiring words and graphics to help motivate employees and in turn will help focus their energy on giving customers the best experience with your brand.

2. Eye catching imagery

Take the viewer on a journey to experience your brand through visuals and encourage them to use their imagination.

3. Unique Signage

Pushing the boundaries of traditional signage with the use of unusual materials whether you’re converting your image into a piece of art whilst demonstrating how your company thinks outside of the box.

4. Storage

Nobody wants to see a messy office so keep it organised with storage and incorporate your design into the functional storage space.

5. Bring your floor alive

Who said your brand messages had to stay on the walls? You can use your floor in many ways… Direct people where they need to go, take to the floor with your brand and products or even take your design from floor to wall as an impressive centre piece.

If you want to make an impact but you are not sure what would work or how you would go about it then get in touch with our team today on 01423 885045 or email

They will be happy to help transform your workspace into something sensational.