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Often overlooked and seen as the most basic of all event features. But if you get this detail wrong, your delegate experience could fall flat on its face. All events need clear signage directing delegates and helping them find what they’re looking for!

Signs don’t need to be plain and boring… event signage provide plenty of opportunity to promote your brand so make the most of the space available and engage with your audience.


Once your venue is secured and your site map is finalised, run through the delegate experience start to finish from their viewpoint.


Must have event signage

Varying slightly from event to event but the essential signage every event must include:

  • Entrance/welcome
  • Ticket or registration packet pick up
  • Bathrooms
  • Stages
  • Queues
  • Food and drink stations
  • Social sharing handles/hashtags
  • Electronic charging stations
  • Information desk/customer service
  • Exit/thank you for attending


Creative event signage ideas to WOW attendees

When you have established placement for your event signage, you then need to think how you can gain maximum impact from each space. Let your creativity flow and connect with your audience, every time attendees come into contact with your brand it’s your chance to impress them.


Here is some event signage inspiration to improve your delegate experience.


Stairs & escalator wraps

A message or image seen from the bottom of stairs or an escalator, an interesting way to brand an unexpected spot at an event and direct delegates to where they need to go.



The barriers can be used to funnel delegates into a check point the large banner print area allows for brand and sponsorship advertising as well as highlighting what else is on at the event.



Branding furniture such as tables and chairs is a great way to tie in the smaller details and reinforce the importance of your branding and messaging.



A traditional form of signage for events, but why not when this is the go too budget friendly and multipurpose option with future uses.



Projectors are great a great way to reinforce your brand/message if there are areas that restrict you from branding the walls or hanging signs.


Floating signs

These acrylic signs give the effect of floating in the air and can be used on tabletops or scaled up to something bigger, depending on your needs. They also can be used as another branding or sponsorship opportunity. 


Logo press wall

A backdrop with repeating logos, often seen in the background at sports press conferences and movie premieres. A great addition would be to feature a photographer to snap delegates entrance photos.


Neon lights

Colourful neon signs add a cool and distinctive effect on event signage. Although it can be pricey for a traditional glass neon sign we can supply a more cost effective solution call NeonPlus and I’ve you are savvy with your messaging the sign can be used time and time again and potentially feature in your office when not used at events


Oversized free-standing event sign

Make an impact with a large free-standing event logo sign that your delegates will want to take a selfie with!


Floor graphics

Make a splash with floor graphics and get creative combining photography the comes to life with directional messages like follow the rainbow to find out what pot of gold you will find.


Social media photo zone

Ensure your area has related props and your event hashtag and handles prominently displayed.


For larger events, signposts are a clear way to direct the flow of traffic to multiple areas, and help to navigate the space for unfamiliar attendees. In addition to being informational, you can add touches of creativity — like hand-painted lettering — to make them stand out more.


With so many options available for event signage give us a call today to discuss how we can help you maximise your brand potential at an event.