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Maximise your vehicle branding investment and stand out from the crowd with a clear and concise vehicle livery.

In the UK 68%* of us travel to work by car, van, minibus or works van. It’s in your business 101 rule book to maximise your return on investment (ROI) and what better way to do that than brand your company vehicles, so they look professional and help you generate leads.

Businesses take advantage of commute-bound situations because with over 36 million** registered vehicles on the road this is a huge number of potential branding impressions. Even if you are not actively reading the advertisement you are exposed to it and have subconsciously acknowledged the information.

Before you think of slapping a load of stickers on your vehicles just take a look at some of our helpful tips on how to create a powerful vehicle design.

Don’t overload your vehicle with information and graphics.

Keep it simple! Think about what important information your potential customer will need to get in touch with you; your company name, the basics of what you do and contact information. Please note - don’t list your services on the vehicle because you can guarantee the one service you don’t include on the vehicle could potentially mean a lost lead already. Try to tell your story in a few words as possible by using a tagline for your business for example… ‘If water runs through it, we fix it!’ This is much easier to read than a list of plumbing services.

Use fonts that are clear to read from a distance

Whilst people are driving, they will have seconds to read your vehicle advertisement so make sure the fonts you use are clear and easy to read that way they digest the info quicker and increase chances of remembering your business.

Don’t just brand the sides of your vehicle

Your vehicle is three dimensional so make sure the important info features on all four sides to ensure you maximise your audience.

If using imagery, then quality is key!

When using imagery, you want to use a professional photographer or a royalty-free image service such as or etc. The images used in branding your vehicle will need to be enlarged significantly and the use of a poor-quality image will result in an unprofessional representation of your business. If you are going to invest in a photo wrap, make sure you use a quality image.

Make sure you don’t confuse your customer, send the right message

When it comes to branding your vehicle, whether, with a full wrap or a simple vinyl sticker, you need to create a design that is appropriate for your business. For example, a construction company may just need a logo, website address, and phone number. This doesn’t essentially mean your design has to be “uninteresting” though. Adding a coloured bonnet or an oversized graphic is a great way to differentiate your business, remain professional and not be too conservative.

Make a statement and avoid being boring!

Being professional doesn’t mean being boring with your vehicle design. This is where your designer (or our experienced team of designers at Ad Bell can help you think outside the box. Something that piques people’s interest but doesn’t run them off the road – so to speak.

Remember you’re driving an advertisement for your business

Keep your vehicle clean & tidy and ensure you drive safely. Your vehicle is a direct reflection of your business, how you drive and maintain your vehicle has an impact on how customers view your company.

Boost your advertising today by investing in branding your fleet of vehicles! Unsure where to start with the design? Don’t worry leave it to our team of experienced designers to come up with a solution to suit your business. Our experienced team of Vehicle Wrap Technicians can install your graphics in our workshop or onsite at your business. Give us a call today on 01423 885045 or email us at


* 68% is correct at the time of publishing and data is supplied by Office of National Statistics

**over 36million at the time of publishing and data is supplied by RAC Foundation