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We started 2020 well with record sales then Covid-19 hit, and the government locked the country down, as with many our workload fell off a cliff overnight.

With our sights set on ending 2020 as strong as it began in Q1 of last year, Senior Partners Richard, Matthew & Simon Bell developed a plan to ensure the company finished the year and started 2021 strong, this involved increasing the workforce to manage the projected increase in demand and investing in new kit for our production workshop.

Investing in a JETRIX LXi7 LED-UV flatbed printer

Our main aims for this exciting new printer are to reduce costs and lead-time and pass these savings on to our customers.

The LXi7 prints direct to substrate allowing us to be more competitive on price whereas before we would print to vinyl then mount to board – thus increasing lead-time and cost of materials for the customer.

The flexibility of materials we can print on increase our offering portfolio and we have already started to play around with some cool new product ideas (watch this space).

The machine utilises the latest technology to increase print speed, with an average 44sqm/hr; output quality and the amount of ink applied. This 9-colour printer blows you away with the vibrance of the colours cured by LED lamps to ensure a faster but cooler drying process to ensure the heat from the lamps doesn’t dull the output colours. Not only does the machine print using 9 colours it features a white ink, primer and varnish for specialist jobs. The flatbed printer allows for two 8x4 boards to increase productivity and allowing multiples jobs to be nested.

We always consider the impact our business and processes have on the environment which is why the JETRIX LXi7 is a good move in the right direction for us as it is proved to reduce material waste and significantly reduce ink usage whilst improving on the economical running costs.

The new printer has increased production capacity, fine quality print for more detailed products and reducing our waste. It’s a no brainer!

We care about our customers and the health of their businesses – we want to see all of our customers; local and nationwide build back strong with us!

Our investment in new equipment and strengthening our team will allow us to position ourselves better with our existing customers and provide the ability to grow and tender for clients where previously lead-time was an issue. With faster turn around and a whole new direct to print offering on a wide range of products and materials such as glass, metals and wood the printer also allows us to create some exciting effects and finishes which simply aren’t possible with conventional roll to roll printers.

Simon Bell - Senior Partner