After our successful tractor wraps for HACS Construction and M. Metcalfe & Sons, we were approached by long time clients of ours, Ripon Farm Services, to wrap a John Deere 6250R to commemorate the 100 years of John Deere celebrations at Newby Hall Tractor Fest in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

3M 1080 Gloss Green EnvyAs you’ll probably know if you’re reading this, John Deere tractors are green, and RFS wanted a green wrap, but with a twist. After a few tests we chose 3M 1080 Series “Gloss Green Envy” wrapping vinyl, which is a metallic, high gloss green. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to capture the metallic effect with a camera, but if you ever see the tractor out and about, you’ll see just how stunning it really is.

First up as usual is the disassembling of the tractor panels that are to be wrapped. This is a large and usually unseen part of any vehicle wrap. It’s common to see footage of wrappers applying the vinyl, but you never see the careful hours that it takes to remove panels, lights and trim before the wrapping can begin.

Once the wrap was done, we also made some custom gold and black decals to replace the standard yellow and black John Deere stripes and “6250R” text, as well as a “100 years of John Deere” decal, in gold vinyl with a sparkly laminate to match the metallic effect of the green 3M vinyl. It’s subtle, but when the light catches it, it looks amazing.

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