Now and again a signage job comes along that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, and the recent work we’ve done for Gymophobics / Bodyteam in Harrogate is certainly no exception.

Previously an unused small building at the back of the Gymophobics premises, it was renovated inside and set up ready to be used by Bodyteam, a complimentary health and beauty company. Inside was all set up with fixtures and fittings and had in fact already started taking on clients, but the exterior was still needing work.

Google Streetview
The Bodyteam unit before any exterior signage was applied – it’s behind the black garage doors!

The unit is essentially a large double garage with wooden garage doors that had already been blocked up from the inside. The door was functional, but was due to be replaced with a new, more attractive unit.

The site before Ad Bell’s work began

So what to do with the wooden garage doors? To keep costs down, bricking them up was discarded as an option, and instead a clever disguise was required. The lower part of the doors was to have a printed panel added, to give the impression of brickwork, and this part was fitted first…

The brick pattern board in place, and the wooden frame for the next part ready… Just checking for level!

So, as you can see, only the lower part of the doors was given the brick effect. The top part was to feature something completely different entirely… A wooden frame was added to the black doors to give us something to build onto.

The printed aluminium composite graphic panel being fixed to the wooden frame.

So the big reveal! What could we possibly print and apply to the frontage of the building? Well, a photo of the inside of course! Ad Bell visited the site and took a series of interior shots design to replicate the view that you would see through a window. After much deliberation, a winner was picked as you can see.

The finished job, with white “window” trim, sign panel and door graphics all installed.

Once installed, a UPVC style trim was added to the panel to further reinforce the impression of a window unit. A slim fascia panel above the window, and complimentary frosted door graphics finish the job off nicely.

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