Ad Bell were recently tasked with supplying and fitting signage and window graphics at the brand new Westrow salon in Skipton. The premises had been fully refurbished inside and out, along with a newly built-out fascia panel, and just needed the new signage and graphics to be 100% complete.


The main part of the signage was three large aluminium sign trays, two of which were to feature high quality stainless steel built up lettering. The trays were first covered in a colour matched matt vinyl before having the individual letters bolted into position and a framework added to the back of each tray, ready to be fitted into position.


The top sections of all of the windows were also flooded with colour matched matt vinyl, with several of them having white lettering as part of the print. The glass in the entrance vestibule featured frost effect vinyl, with the “W” logo added over the top, and a printed “frame” style design.


As with all jobs of this nature, accurate site surveying is essential to make sure that everything fits accurately. The sign trays had to fit within the wooden architrave that was used to frame the fascia panels, and of course, the window graphics have to fit perfectly too. As you can see from the pictures, everything fit just perfectly, and we couldn’t be more happy with the way that it turned out.

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