Quality signs and graphics are nothing without good design. Signage especially usually has an important role to play as well as just looking good, and it’s important that this is taken into consideration when designing a sign or graphic solution.

All signs are meant to convey a message, and depending on where they are being placed, they will have a likely audience with a unique set of circumstances. These include the viewing distance, and the amount of time that the audience will likely have to read what’s on the sign.

Roadside signs are a classic example. If a sign is being read by people in cars driving past, they will only have a short amount of time to read the sign. This means that information must be kept brief and to the point, and any letting and images should be as large and as clear as the size of the sign will allow. Small signs crammed with small text become practically useless, yet this is a mistake that many designers who are not accustomed to designing for signage may make. The size of the text and the distance it can be read from has been researched thoroughly and good sign designers know how to best make use of this information to make a sign that will do the job in the way that’s required.

Wayfinding signage is another very important example. Directional signs, wither internally or externally have one sole function – to inform – and they must do it very well. Choice of fonts and font size, along with other considerations such as colour, contrast and location all have to be taken into account when designing effective wayfinding signage. Signs must be clear and easy to understand and placed in locations where they are most useful, and make the most sense.

As you would expect, with over 16 years experience ion the sign business, Ad Bell have a team of designers who understand the rules that make signs effective, along with the ability to make them attractive from a creative point of view. This means that our signs are not just pretty – they are effective too – so as well as offering information in an easily understandable manner that is displayed in such a way that makes them easy to digest, our signs also look fantastic.

Well designed signs and graphics, made with quality signmaking equipment and materials go together to make a finished product that is second to none.

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