Ad Bell Harrogate Signs New WebsiteWebsites are part and parcel of running a successful business these days and can be a valuable source of new clients as well as a useful tool to keep existing clients abreast of news and developments. However, as anyone who owns a business website will know, they are not always without their problems. To maximize a website’s potential it needs to be full of quality content, and any news, blogs or social media content needs to be bang up to date. When you’ve tasked a digital agency with the design, build and upkeep of your site your website may look amazing, but it can often take a little while to make any additions and changes as and when they arise. There may, of course, be an ongoing cost to this, too.

So, what’s the solutions to this? Keep it in-house of course! As of 2017, we now have the capability to design, build and maintain our own website, and what you see here is in fact the fruits of our labour. We can make changes instantly without phone calls or emails, add new blogs or pages and create photo galleries for new jobs before the fitting team have even arrived back at base.

We’ve achieved this by creating the site on the popular platform, and boosted the capability of the site with a business plan that gives us maximum control of the site’s fonts, colours and layout, as well as enabling us to maximise the search engine visibility of the site – important when people are trying to find us online. As the website is hosted by WordPress themselves we don’t have to worry about backups or updates as everything is looked after for us – no IT hassles any more!

Why not check out the rest of the new site? Start at the Ad Bell Homepage and go from there! Any questions or comments? Leave them in the comments section below, and don’t forget – sharing is caring…

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